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A charity that speaks your language

Tone of voice is integral to the rebrand of Gaddum, a charity that offers advocacy, carer support and therapy for the people of Greater Manchester. True North has taken a strikingly direct, very personal approach that turns charity sector conventions on their head.

Gaddum represents a network of service providers across the region, which can be confusing and intimidating for someone who just needs someone understanding to turn to. True North pared everything down to its purest form, positioning Gaddum as a caring individual who chats on a level to anyone who needs help.

Ady Bibby, Managing Director says, “rather than feeling impersonal and offering services in a dispassionate way, we’ve positioned Gaddum as your shoulder to cry on; the trusted friend who can point you in the right direction; a much-needed helping hand through difficult times.


The branding goes beyond the well-trodden conventions of recent charity brands. Instead of creating a system around a static, fixed position logo, the identity is driven by language – taking the form of an informal ongoing chat with Gaddum. The conversation continues across every way in which someone might engage with the charity.

A calming, reassuring, non-judgmental tone is key. Phrases such as ‘Life’s throwing a lot at you, isn’t it, I’ll help you juggle’ and ‘Yes I get why you’re worried, let’s find you some help’ give the charity a personality to put people at ease, even at times of extreme distress and uncertainty.”

Presenting Gaddum as a supportive, nurturing individual is a faithful link to the origins of the organisation and to its first President, Harry Gaddum. Founded by a group of ‘spirited men’ in 1833 to help mill workers with their health and wellbeing issues, Gaddum has kept the same ethos ever since. After the Manchester bombings, for instance, Gaddum was first on the scene and last to leave.

Gaddum is made by many, representing a network of staff spread across different support organisations across Greater Manchester. True North's rebrand has helped unite the network under one banner, speaking with one friendly, compassionate voice. 


Lynne Stafford, Chief Executive of Gaddum commented "we have really enjoyed working with True North. From our first meeting through to the brand activation. Our new brand really does connect with people, whether users or commissioners.

A rebrand for any business or organisation present its challenges, however working alongside True North enabled these challenges to be addressed. Their commitment and the level of support has been outstanding and as a charity we are truly grateful."


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