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Branding the nation’s home of fun and entertainment

Our new branding for Showtown – Blackpool’s new museum of fun and entertainment – has just been released. It's based on a playful, flexible visual language that’s packed with all the joy and whimsy of Blackpool itself.

tn_showtown_casestudy_10.jpgShowtown’s identity is based on a toolkit of ‘brand blocks’ – bold, simple graphic icons that represent the diverse experiences found inside the museum. By assembling them in creative combinations, the blocks tell stories in playful and engaging ways. We've worked with copywriter Nick Asbury to help craft a suitably upbeat and inclusive tone of voice to match. 

Throughout the process, we've wrestled with how to present this new addition to Blackpool’s action-packed line-up. While technically a museum, Showtown will compete for the attention of the 18 million people who stroll the promenade each year with a plethora of other vibrant attractions.

Our solution: give the museum all the charm, appeal and entertainment value of a top-bill seaside attraction. We positioned Showtown not simply as a museum about Blackpool, but a national celebration of fun and entertainment  – and Blackpool’s pivotal role in shaping it.


Showtown immerses visitors in Blackpool’s showbiz past, present and future, from the magic, wonder and spectacle of the illuminations, dance, circus, magic and variety, to getting up close and personal with the larger-than-life characters who helped turned a Lancashire seaside town into a top entertainment hub.


Steve Royle, Creative Director says, the ‘brand blocks’ help tell that fascinating story. ‘The blocks take their cues from the modular design of the Showtown logo, each is a square flat-colour icon, representing everything from ice cream on the beach to a balancing circus elephant. It's as easy to apply in signage and merchandise as it is in print and digital'.

We're really chuffed with the finished result, think the client is too:
The museum will be a national celebration of entertainment with a rich and diverse story to tell. We love our new Showtown brand, it’s energetic, vibrant and playful. It reflects Blackpool’s personality and what we set out to achieve. We’re thrilled to have worked with True North, they have a great knack of being relaxed and friendly, whilst incredibly professional.

Heather Morrow, Head of Culture, Blackpool Council


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