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Extraordinary discoveries, every day

On July 13th, Chester Zoo will unveil ‘Islands', a £40 million development recreating six South East Asian Islands right here in the UK. Over the past year True North have worked with Chester Zoo to create a brand positioning and identity that could truly represent this unique attraction. Chester Zoo’s aim was to allow ordinary visitors to become intrepid explorers, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of these unique habitats and enable everyone, young and old, to see the island's wildlife up close and personal. 


It was important that this brand identity truly represented not only the ‘islands’ unique spirit but also the conservation element of the project, in a way that was educational, captivating and thought provoking.

A diverse audience would be targeted through Chester Zoo’s marketing and so the identity also needed to speak to each of these. From children and their adults, to the press, local residents and tourism partners.


After considering all these factors, the brand territory was identified and “Extraordinary discoveries, every day” was born. This concept put visitors at the heart of the brand to reinforce the immersive and exclusive sensory experience on offer. From exploring the forests of Sulawesi to tracking tigers in Sumatra, Chester Zoo will provide an experience like no other. Highlighting the contrast between every day lives and a day on the ‘islands', the identity shows that no matter who you are, you’ll be given a rare opportunity to embark on your very own expedition. 


With the help of 422 Manchester we created a TV Ad, one of the main campaign outputs. We began by creating an element of mystery and surprise. We’re introduced to each character in their own natural habitat before showing that this ordinary person was actually embarking on their very own expedition. The viewer might think Peter Jones is in his own garden before panning out to reveal he’s in the tropical forests of Sulawesi and that Jackie Thomas might be at the local market before panning out to reveal she’s browsing the markets of Sumba.

We wanted to give the viewer the feeling that they were on this journey and that they to could make their own extraordinary trek.


‘Islands’ at Chester Zoo opens on Monday 13th July.

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