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Five of our favourite: London Fashion Week Events

When it comes to innovative brand promotions there’s no business quite like fashion. The industry has always adopted a fearless and all embracing approach to new trends in technology and culture and this year’s London Fashion week was no exception.

Who’s in the FROW and the dress size of the models are no longer the only headlines to come off the runway, instead the most interesting stories come from the fashion houses who are taking risks and setting innovative examples for brands everywhere.

Senior Designer, Sarah Dutton takes us through her top 5 stand out events from LFW.

Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show

Ever the anarchist, Vivienne Westwood used her Red Label show on Sunday as a platform to protest against climate change and austerity. ‘Politicians R Criminals' saw models take to the streets armed with banners and enter the runway to rapturous cheers from the ‘Fashmob’ in the rafters. Dame Vivienne knows a thing or two about making a statement and taking the show off the runway is a clever way to promote both her cause and her brand.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum showed a more youthful street wear influenced collection this season. Burberry CEO and Chief Creative Christopher Bailey looked to amplify the casual, reflecting the way that social media had changed the world. “There are no boundaries between cultures any more. High blends with low, and when it’s winter in one place it’s summer somewhere else”. Truly embracing this age of social media, the collection was previewed on Snapchat the evening before it made its way onto the catwalk. A fashion first, meaning guests didn't need an invite to the show in Hyde Park – just the humble app.

House of Holland’s shoppable catwalk

Henry Holland was another designer pushing the boundaries of fashion with digital tech this LFW. VIP FROW guests were able to buy pieces from his bold and bright collection straight off the catwalk thanks to a collaboration with Visa’s Shoreditch based innovation lab.

NFC (Near Field Communication) insect shaped smart jewellery was handed out to special guests including Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe. These ‘pre-paid’ pieces could then be used by the celebs to instantly shop items on the catwalk by scanning perspex ‘smart brooches’ that contained NFC receivers. This concept takes shopping to the next level, meaning you no longer a need to wait for those ‘must-have’ pieces. 

Topshop team up with pinterest

Topshop have taken their own tech approach to London Fashion Week, teaming up with the online scrapbook, Pinterest.

Users can pin all their current favourite fashion pieces and ‘Pinterest Palettes’ will then scan the Pinterest board, identifying all the dominant colours in your selection. This gives users their personal colour DNA and a suggestion of Topshop items they may like from the current collection.

A clever interactive way to guide shoppers to items they may previously not have clicked on.

Louis Vuitton launches LFW immersive exhibition

Louis Vuitton unveiled it’s Series 3 exhibition on Monday, taking visitors on a journey through the creative influences behind the Autumn / Winter 2015 collection. The Artist’s Hands Room features tables topped with screens playing footage of some of the brand’s most famous pieces being crafted in real time. In another room two craftsmen work for real whilst another room replicates the interior of a catwalk space, with life size videos of models strutting towards you on screens. 

This immersive experience invites visitors into the mind of Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière, provoking an emotional connection to the product.

It is also an excellent reminder that although these items may be expensive and enviable pieces the care and craftsmanship that goes into making them establish their value.

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