TN Jen Yeardley
Jen Yeardley - Strategy Director

True North is delighted to welcome Jen Yeardley as the company's new Strategy Director, bringing a wealth of experience to support our clients in all areas of strategy and communications.

The appointment is a significant milestone for the company, reinforcing our commitment to providing a best-in-class strategy offer. Having started on April 11th, she is already making an impact on the team with her exceptional skills and expertise.

Jen’s approach to strategy is founded on a passion for using Behavioural Science to create more compelling and engaging brand experiences for consumers and colleagues. Jen commented,” The types of challenges that True North attract really excite me. The focus is on moving people forwards. At the core, the approach seeks to change perceptions and become the catalyst for new or different behaviour. It’s both proactive and active, often bravely challenging what we know to create new ways to view things. It’s this kind of honesty and boldness that will help brands make a meaningful difference in the world.

She added, “I believe True North have something special to share with the world and I’m looking forward to honing the story and unlocking the full potential.”

Jen’s impressive track record includes her role as Provocation and Strategy Director at Born Ugly (formerly Elmwood) for the last three years. Additionally, she has worked as a freelance consultant for 15 years, working with prestigious clients such as Sainsbury’s, P&G and Cancer Research UK.

If you’d like to meet her (or any of us) or want to chat about how we can support the development of your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Robert Grant
April 2023