Connecting sales, donations and sustainability

Age UK


Age UK is the largest UK charity devoted to supporting older people in need and to campaign on their behalf. The charity has a network of around 250 stores in the UK which are a vital part of Age UK’s fundraising work and provide a presence and hub for activities in communities.


The stores are often the most direct way that Age UK have of communicating with audiences, and consequently they are often overwhelmed in messaging.

As a charity, Age UK have to use every opportunity to recruit new audiences to support their work. As a high street retailer, the stores need to generate donations of good quality items for resale, and to sell stock to generate income. And, as an extensive organisation, they are continually improving practices to reduce their carbon emissions and introduce sustainable practices across their supply chain – something which is increasingly influential on purchase decisions.

Age UK wanted to find a way to increase awareness of their actions on sustainability, that could also support donations, recruitment and sales.

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There’s a simple, direct connection between donating items for reuse and the work Age UK do as a charity: giving something or someone a new lease of life, recognising and sustaining their value for longer.


Celebrating the extended lifecycle of products became the basis for retail promotions – allowing brand, sustainability, sales and donation messages to work together.

Executions tell the familiar story of how our once-loved items lose their novelty, become forgotten and ultimately discarded, before they are rejuvenated through finding new purpose.

To complete the circle, each execution emphasises a practical area in which Age UK provides support. Every item donated and sold is turned into more care for older people. Each watch donated becomes more time we can spend talking. Each computer game means we can help older people get online. Each electrical appliance becomes more power to change the way old people are cared for in our society.

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“It’s really thoughtful stuff, beautifully done. You got the Age UK vibe – which is marvellous and the hardest thing to get right! I can’t wait for this to be rolled out to give the shops some of their own identity.”
Kathi Hall, Head of Content Strategy and Brand
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AGE UK charity shop shelf with shoes and point-of-sale
AGE UK charity shop shelf with sports equipment and point-of-sale
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“Whilst COVID postponed the launch, a full year’s calendar of integrated work has been prepared for instore and online, supporting different seasons, key periods for donations, updates on sustainability performance and other Age UK milestones and activities.”
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