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Brookson had built a very successful online accountancy service for contractors, helping them manage their income, cash flow and tax returns. Its success was based on a proprietary technology platform that gives customers simple, accurate daily reports on their situation and obligations, supported by expert service from accountants.


Over time Brookson had developed new services, acquired other companies to expand their core offer and identified new markets as the UK economy continued to shift towards a more mixed workforce of employees, temporary and contracted workers. The Brookson brand strategy hadn’t evolved at the same rate, and wasn’t optimised to enable this expansion.

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The changing nature of employment and tax law makes managing the ‘backroom’ of your work-life more complex than ever, and more critical to get right. It can get in the way of doing the work itself. Through their experience of helping contractors, Brookson uniquely understood the different needs and challenges that each part of the workforce supply chain faces in managing income and remaining compliant - employers, recruitment agencies, HMRC as well as the contractors themselves. It was this expertise in the changing world of work which enabled them to remove complexity for all types of customer.

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We rationalised the group’s brand architecture and naming of the different companies serving different audiences, and developed a new visual identity which expressed Brookson’s commitment to simplifying the complexity of work on their behalf.

A bold, no-nonsense black-and-white visual identity and language is teamed with confident, contemporary portraits of workers making eye-contact with the viewer. The marque makes use of basic accounting visual language, placing Brookson as the sum of inputs, with each company distinguished by a signature highlight colour. Supported by extensive guidelines, internal communications and ongoing consultancy, the new strategy and identity has been implemented through every touchpoint.

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“It is such a pleasure to work with True North, they are incredibly professional, easy to work with, providing clarity, insight and effective solutions. We are continuing to work closely with them as our business evolves.”
Victoria McDonnell, Group Marketing Manager, Brookson
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