Docet (pronounced dock-et) is the professional education provider for all optometrists in the UK. It has been funded by the Departments of Health since 1989, is managed by The College of Optometrists (COO) and is available to all registered optometrists, regardless of being a member of COO or not.

Docet produces and distributes award-winning distance learning materials, including multimedia courses, podcasts and webinars for the professional development required for optometrists to maintain their registration. With a refreshed focus on Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Docet wanted to update its identity to reflect this shift and to work out how to reference the relationship to COO.

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Whilst many members found the difference between CPD and CET being down to how the programmes are monitored and structured, the challenge was to create an identity that reflected the shift to focus on continuing professional development (CPD) rather than CET (Continued Education and Training) which it was phasing out.


Based on engagement with optometrists, we identified that Docet courses and materials are considered very thorough on the core subjects relating to clinical practice, and they appreciate that they are delivered by passionate, practicing optometrists. We aligned this with the insight that most optometrists, despite the challenges of modern practices particularly in the commercial sector, remain motivated (like any doctor, nurse, clinical professional) by their desire to do their best to help patients.

And in line with this there was value placed on CPD by those who wanted to fulfil their potential rather than just ticking boxes to be seen to meet CPD requirements.

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We positioned Docet as being the essential online CPD resource for all optometrists, for those who want to use CPD to fulfil their potential. Inspired by the shape and style of diagrams used in eye health assessments we created a bespoke logo from a series of circular forms to help bring clarity and focus to CPD learning, whilst being designed to work seamlessly across platforms for maximum accessibility.

Also dropping the name to lowercase reduced the reference to CET which was being phased out.

We also developed a brand device – a suite of specifically created circular shapes and patterns, derived from the graphic language of optometric diagrams. Acting as containers for images or a graphic overlay, the device adds dimension and variety to applications to help build brand equity.

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A new identity, toolkit and range of assets have been provided and are currently in the process of being applied to the Docet website and other communications.

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White tote bag featuring Docet branding
Lanyard for Docet CPD event. Docet is an official CPD provider for UK Optometrists
“True North assisted us in gaining a better understanding of our standing in the optical profession and helped us to update our identity, making it fresher and more relevant, to stay aligned with the GOC’s new strategic direction in this rapidly changing environment.”
Bettina Noelle-Fox, Docet
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