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Gaddum are one of Manchester’s oldest charities, supporting the local community with services centred around mental health and social issues for nearly 200 years. In that time, they’ve worked tirelessly to help Manchester through cholera, the cotton famine and austerity, right up to recent hardships like the arena bombing.


Gaddum do a lot. Their services cover three very different areas: therapy, advocacy and carers support. And yet with so much to offer, their message of support was being lost. Our challenge was to unite Gaddum’s teams under one mission, and raise awareness of how the charity can actually help the public.

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When times are tough, it can be intimidating to seek advice or reach out to an unknown organisation. But what if you could turn to a charity that felt more like a friend?


Gaddum staff treat all the individuals in their care with understanding, respect and kindness. We created a new brand to represent this personal touch, showing the people of Manchester that no matter what service you use, what area of the city you’re in or what problems you’re facing, Gaddum will be the much-needed helping hand through hard times.

The branding goes beyond the well-trodden conventions of recent charity brands. Instead of creating a system around a static, fixed position logo, the identity is driven by language – taking the form of an informal chat with Gaddum. This conversational personalty, with its calming, non-judgemental tone, breaks down the stigma of struggle and instead positions the charity as a positive presence, even at times of extreme distress.

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“Our new brand really does connect with people, whether users or commissioners. True North’s commitment and level of support has been outstanding and as a charity we are truly grateful.”
Lynne Stafford, Chief Executive
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