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‘Accelerating Detection of Disease’ was the working title for what will become the world’s largest health research programme. The keystone project of the UK Life Sciences Strategy, it aims to recruit 5 million volunteers to share their personal information about their health, life and environment over time through a digital platform. By doing so, it will enable researchers to detect, prevent and treat major diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s much earlier than is currently possible.

Success will rely on a ground-breaking collaboration between the UK public, charities, the NHS, researchers and the healthcare industry. The project included extensive stakeholder and public engagement to ensure the resulting brand strategy has the potential to mobilise all audiences.


To be effective, the programme will need a fully representational cohort from across the UK. But two thirds of people in the UK wouldn’t trust their own friends and family with their data (ODI/YouGov 2019). And significant proportions of different demographics and different communities remain reluctant or unsure how to engage with digital services.

Just as challenging, the programme represents such a fundamental shift in how to think about diseases. For such a broad public audience it can seem too complex to fully appreciate, too ambitious to be realistic, or be misunderstood as being an existing screening programme.

The brand would need to balance being distinct enough to excite about the potential of the research, but familiar enough to be trusted and accessible to all.


The programme needed to be positioned as a collective, direct action we can all take now, to benefit future generations of our families and communities. An action to which everyone can contribute something unique, and which becomes more and more powerful through the very diversity of contributions made. To work for every kind of person, it needs every kind of person involved.

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We rebranded the programme as Our Future Health. An optimistic, emotive, everyday promise to which we can all subscribe, can all benefit from, can all advocate for – whether as a volunteer, a health professional, a researcher, a charity, NHS or corporation.

The brand identity is built around a visual metaphor to aid accessible communication of how the programme works, and what it aims to do. A mosaic of simple patterned tiles that can be combined and configured in endless variation and at different scales, which can variously be interpreted as encoded data, as DNA, as patterns of populations or disease, as diversity of the cohort, or as combining to reveal a larger, deeper picture of our health.

The identity has been designed to work seamlessly across platforms for maximum accessibility, and to complement but remain distinct from partner communications and branding.


The new brand strategy and identity has been implemented across all aspects of the research programme for all audiences, including the central digital platform through which all parties contribute. It is also helping to create public and partner engagement with the programme’s current pilot schemes and funding opportunities, and will become used in wider comms activity as the programme enters its public phases post-pilot.

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“Our Future Health will be the UK’s largest ever health research programme and has the potential to transform the way we tackle serious diseases. Our brand reflects our ambition to bring together people from all backgrounds and communities across the UK to create community of volunteers that truly reflects the whole of the population.”
Our Future Health’s Chief Communications Officer, Michael Warren
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