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Be Part of The Furniture

Earlier this year True North moved into a brand new office space. Ahead of the move, the team were asked to think about how the agency could create something beyond the traditional ‘change of address’ card and instead develop something that would engage and be remembered by clients, collaborators, colleagues and friends.

Following discussions, it was agreed that the purpose was not only to alert people to the move, but also to showcase the new space. Each member of the team was asked to contribute an idea with a vote being taken on the one that best fulfilled the brief.

The winning idea not only allowed us to share the news of the relocation and showcase the space, but also enabled us to do some good. We decided to give our stakeholders the opportunity to literally become part of the furniture by holding a charity auction, letting people place a bid and put their name on an item in the office. All the money raised through this auction would be donated to Manchester based charity Mustard Tree, who work with the City Council, the Probation Service and the NHS to provide life support and promote sustainable solutions through (amongst other things) the provision of food, clothing and training to those in need in Manchester.

The new address would be 24 Lever St and so, 24 items were carefully selected, each one with the potential to hold a plaque baring a name.

Creatively, we wanted to make this auction as realistic as possible and so created an auction guide, which would be mailed to potential bidders ahead of the auction. Taking inspiration from the publications of well-known auction houses, the Be Part Of The Furniture guide combined traditional features with the True North Brand identity.


Copy was an important element in the creative as it needed to sound authentic and traditional whilst maintaining personality. The copy style was inspired by descriptions in auction guides, however it was important to combine this with a tongue in cheek tone that felt humorous and approachable.


As this was a campaign, the creative and tone of voice needed to be flexible enough to sit across many different touch points, such as the eBay page where bids would be held as well as through email correspondence which would guide people through the auction.


When the auction ended and all bids were in, we had managed to raise over three hundred pounds for the charity. And we’ve now made our new home as much yours as it is ours.

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