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Championing the power of collaborative art

Heart of Glass is a community arts programme based within the town of St. Helens which has recently gained national status as one of the Arts Council’s National Portfolio Organisations.

They are one of the first organisations in the UK dedicated to the practice of socially engaged art – a participatory art form, often involving people as the medium or material of the work. Heart of Glass supports a wide range of projects deeply rooted with the local community, whether a 10-year residency or one-day parade, they provide the space and opportunity for artists and community to connect.

To reflect their new national status and to help build greater brand recognition, they commissioned True North to evolve their brand. 

"Our new brand positioning recognises the power of the collective" says Senior Design, Victoria Pinnington. "Through collaborative art, Heart of Glass provide opportunities for creatives, cultures and local communities to connect, to begin conversations and spark new ideas".


At the heart of the brand is a geometric shape that takes subtle cues from the glass heritage of St. Helens, and that reflecting the art created by moving and responding to its surroundings. "This enabled us to build a dynamic brand identity that flexes to tell different stories – whether creating a focus on the local community of St. Helens, social issues or artists".


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