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Five of our favourite: Cultural brand identities


Queensland Art Gallery

This strikingly simple visual and verbal system pulls the two brands together whilst simultaneously celebrating their differences. Each gallery has it’s own distinct personality and tone of voice which creates conversation and interplay across the two sites, giving visitors a more rounded experience.


Jewish Museum

The brand’s identity system revolves around a geometric grid based on the Star of David. This comprehensive and visually consistent range of assets invites surprise and flexibility across all media, while always unified in visual language. 


The Simone Handbag Museum 

This solution provides the museum with an elegant, modern identity and strong flexibility through a diversity of assets. The contrasting colour palette and use of both cut-out and close-up photography neatly reflect the themes of past and present.


Basement Theatre
This intuitive but simple logotype works well as both an edgy, bold identity and a handy flexible framing device. Resulting in a brand that successfully combines the theatre’s young, roguish energy with a refined and consistent structure but with plenty of room for flexibility.



By just using four letters set in a bold frame this pinned poster inspired identity and it’s monochrome palette creates a strikingly simple identity system, which can house this traveling theatres’ ever changing content and venue.

Jenna Chattwood, Creative

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