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Health Innovation Manchester

Manchester’s Liverpool Road Station, once the first ever inter-city railway carrying passengers and produce between northern cities, has, since 1983 been home to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. A place seeped in the history of the industrial north, a place dedicated to the exploration of scientific and industrial innovation and the place where, in June 2014, Chancellor George Osborne launched his vision for the “Northern Powerhouse.”

A fitting stage that saw the now First Secretary of State outline plans to liberate the northern cities from the shadows of London. “Not to rival the South, but to be its brother in arms,” by devolving power from Whitehall to the regions.

Fast-forward six months to February 2015 when the cogs in the devolution machine began to turn and it was announced that Greater Manchester would take control of a £6bn health and social budget. Last Wednesday evening this became a reality when representatives from academia, science, national health and industry signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding.’ Health Innovation Manchester was born.


The vision for Health Innovation Manchester is to transform the health of the population in the region by driving research and innovation into every day medical practice.

For us at True North, this launch was a culmination of an incredible and insightful piece of work, which saw us create a name, vision, purpose and identity for this first of its kind partnership.


We started this project with a focus on collaboration, spending time with a diverse range of stakeholders and partners, interviewing them to define their vision and establish guiding principles. Discovery, development and delivery through transformative healthcare solutions was a vision that resonated with each and every partner and so, this became the focus that bound the brand.


Inspired by this idea of the continuous and connected system, a visual identity was created that reinforced the vision. An abstract infinity symbol becomes a powerful brand device, flowing across and connecting all brand communications.


This same brand device was used in the brand film, produced and edited by Gate Films. A series of seamless transitions from once scene to the next demonstrate the system’s joined-up approach, reinforcing the close connections and the blurring of the lines between academia, industry and healthcare providers.

The overall look and feel of the brand is that of an energetic, forward thinking organisation. One that has movement and pace, capturing the sense of positive momentum behind this transformative brand.

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