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Inbox Inspiration

We've been talking about Email Newsletters over on Medium. The Email Renaissance and Why Brands Should Take Note, talks about how email is more than just a sales tool and instead can be used to build lasting relationships to those audiences that matter. In light of this, we thought we would pull together a list of inspiring sources. Enjoy. 

Sarah Hardman, Designer, on The Skimm

"Amongst the spammy emails that I either trash or let accumulate and never read, there is one email that I particularly like to receive: The Skimm. It's a daily email that briefs you on what's going on in the world.  Their subject lines are witty, adding some humor to my morning routine and the copy provides a source of objective, amusing and intelligent content. A good read!"

tumblr_inline_ngqk02xiy91qztrrd.pngNeil Mason, Director of Brand Strategy on Noah Brier

"I think he gets a nice balance of it feeing personal ie his own opinion without it feeling too preachy or bandwagonny. Some bloggers like the sound of their own voice (or words) too much and try to show how clever they are but with him it’s definitely less-is-more - it feels like he’s genuinely trying to be helpful and informative. He poses as many questions as he answers and he backs up all his thoughts and stories with links to real stuff. Even when he’s just signposting to other stuff, he manages to do it with a sublet and succinct viewpoint."

Graeme Rutherford, Digital Strategy and UX on Invision

"Every article is a must read for me. They are setting the agenda and are always totally relevant to what I'm doing (or, want to be doing) and the way I’m doing it (or, want to be doing it)."


Ami Guest, Brand Communications Manager on Ann Friedman

"This feels like an email from a friend, with loads of great links to articles I would have otherwise missed or never seen. I have been introduced to so many publications through this newsletter and look forward to reading it." 

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