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Simple Ideas That Transform Behaviour

True North have won a competitive pitch to develop brand strategy and identity for a Sport England pilot scheme aimed at increasing the number of women taking part in physical activity.

As part of the project, we’ll be developing an overarching brand strategy for the scheme, which is planned to be rolled out nationally in 2014.

The pilot will be based in Bury, Greater Manchester, after Sport England research found that the town’s demographics best matched national statistics for amount of activity, health issues and financial hardship, and is being run in partnership between Sport England and Bury Council.

We’re tasked with developing a brand strategy and identity that inspires, engages and motivates women whilst recognising the complex challenges women face when wanting to take part in sport and physical activity. It’s a fascinating project.

We’ll be working with Bury City Council and Sport England to develop a really innovative program that recognises the challenges women face, from child care and other practical issues, to lack of confidence and other body-image related issues.

Claire Rigby, True North Planning Director:

“It became apparent early on in our research, that a ‘wagging finger - you must do more exercise’ approach wouldn’t be appropriate for this target audience. The strategy we are developing is much more inclusive and empowering, and highlights the social aspect of exercising that many women enjoy. It’s a complex audience though, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach so we need to make sure the brand is flexible enough to appeal to all segments, whilst still remaining coherent.”

It’s too early to share any work or more detail yet, so watch this space over the coming weeks.

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