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The Eric Gill Series

The Eric Gill Series presented by Monotype was a great, but seemingly short lived exhibition, showcasing the collection of 77 fonts and the 3 families; Gill Sans® Nova, Joanna® Nova and Joanna Sans Nova.

Gill is one of the most well-known fonts of the era and this exhibition brought together a huge range of sketches, rubbings and hand-cut letters from around the world, each existing as an artifact in its own right, demonstrating the work that went into refining this iconic font...


...From a few personal collections from Eric Gill’s life such as a rubbing of his hand carved letters which he gave to his Father for his birthday in 1913...


To the original self portrait by Gill, along with a collection of objects which have used Gill Sans over the years.


I think that I was particularly interested in seeing the type specimen books and sheets by Monotype, showing how designers of that time were introduced to Gill Sans.

It's easy to take the font for granted, and overlook it in the midst of the myrid of options we now have, but I left with a new appreciation of Gill and knowing I'd never look at it quite the same way. 


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