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True North's genius recognised with Nobel Prize win.

Our relationship with the Science Museum has resulted in us winning a Nobel Prize... ad campaign.

We produced a press ad campaign for the Science Museum to celebrate Peter Higgs’ Nobel Prize in Physics, which came just 4 weeks ahead of the Science Museum opening their latest major exhibition, Collider - for which we also developed a fantastically exciting promotional campaign, due to go live in early November.

The Royal Swedish Academy awarded Higgs and fellow physicist Francois Englert the most prestigious award in science for showing how fundamental particles gain their mass, 50 years after first theorising what has become known as Higgs boson.

Thankfully, Science Museum visitors won’t have to wait as long to experience the Large Hadron Collider, the location for the discovery of Higgs boson. Collider, the exhibition offering visitors the opportunity to step inside the CERN control room opens on 13th November.

Willow Williams from the Science Museum said:

“We’re delighted that Peter Higgs has been recognised by the most prestigious award in science, and we felt compelled to celebrate his achievement.
True North were our obvious choice to develop this special ad campaign for us - not just because of their involvement in the Collider campaign, but because we knew we could rely on them to produce excellent work, very quickly.”

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